ETC Express for manual DMX control

Road Hog 3 for Automated DMX control


Stage A uses 3 of 4 Universes in automated.

(including intelligent lighting)


Stage A - 72 / 2.5k Channel LMI Dimmer

Stage B - 48 / 2.5k Channel LMI Dimmer


For all Events, both studios A & B are outfitted with overall room, "Show", lighting @ 3200K as down light consisting of 110 - Par Fixtures, 70 Par 56-300w in Stage A and 50 Par 64 - 500w in Stage B.


In Soundstage A, 60 heads are centered down on every dinning table, lighting every table, dinner plating, photo perfect. In Soundstage B 50 Par 64 Cans are distributed as down light evenly in rows on approximately 10ft centers.


All par-can lights are refocused for every show accenting what needs to be seen and photographed for your event.


In addition both Soundstages have at total of 50 overhead robotic LED lights for RGB color Wash's, 18 Spark 7 Zooms in Studio A and 30 Jr. Pro II in Studio B.


On the Performance Stage platform, in Soundstage A , there is a general white, (3200K), Wash both Back & Key (Front) light. The Back Lights are 6 1k Fresnel's focused down mid-stage and down-front apron. The front Key Wash consists of 6 1K Fresnel's (all barn doored) focused mid-down stage and front apron.


There are 6-750w Source 4 Ellipsoidals (Leko) with 26 degree lens, Front & Back, Down Stage, Stage Right, Center, and Stage Left, hanging focus at 45 degrees.


An additional inventory of lights and rigging are also available for special projects. Fremont Studios warehouses a complete inventory of Movie and Theatrical, Lighting, Grip & Electrical equipment, equal to 3 -10 ton truck Movie Packages.


Please see On-Location/Lighting/Movie Lighting for a more complete warehouse inventory.