Meet Fremont Studios new Hybrid Battery/Electric - 4K/3G production unit.




































Panasonic VariCam LT Cameras

  • 6 cameras, (3 Studio, 3 Hand Held configuration). Unit is wired for 8 Varicam cameras.
  • Native 4K Super 35mm HDR image sensor   (Netflix Approved)
  • PL and EF lens mount
  • Native dual ISO 800 & 5000
  • Setup for studio and hand held operation
  • Lightweight magnesium body
  • Panasonic HRP-1000 ROP / RCP shading control
    • full camera menu operations
    • color matching
    • lens iris control
    • record control
    • tally
    • return video
  • Recording in-camera V-Log - 4K P2 record media.
    • Dual codec recording
    • Timecode via wireless receiver
  • Record at camera V- RAW UHD 12 bit 4K on external Atomos recorder
    • Timecode via wireless receiver
  • Record at mobile unit 3G, on Atomos 4K Shogun Studio Recorders
    • Live line cut and Iso record
    • Live Broadcast HDR line cut up to and including 3G


Multi Dyne SMPTE Fiber Camera Control Video Transport

  • 3G SMPT Fiber video/data transport to/from cameras.
    • Power for camera system including external monitors and recorders.
    • Fiber transport does not include intercom ( See Wireless Intercom System)

Unit carries 2,800' of Fiber Camera Cables, (8-350') more available as needed.



Mobile Production and Studio Facilities

a "Lear Jet" in modern live broadcast terms


This all new, compact 22 ft., mobile production trailer is Battery-Electric powered.

  • 110/220v 60amp single phase Camlock power is required. Battery backup is available for emergency operation.
  • Unit travels with a whisper quiet Cummins/Onan generator for off-grid charging and HVAC operations.


Interior Design

  • Custom tailored walls in two-tone black and graphite faux leather.
  • Privacy doors are carbon fiber finished.
  • Low-key, non flair, ambient production lighting, color balance to the video displays for camera color mixing accuracy.
  • Floors are hardwood of rich black walnut.
  • Ceiling and walls are acoustically treated for quality and exterior sound isolation.



5.1 Live Sound Mixing Console

Yamaha CL-5

  • Live Mix 5.1 surround
  • Input Mixing Channels, 72 mono + 8 stereo
  • Dante digital audio network.
    • Number of (Dante) Digital I/O Channels 64 in / 64 out
    • Unit travels with 1 Rio 3224-D2 Digital Remote I/O Unit
  • Mix Buses, 24
  • Number of Scenes 300
  • Genlec 5.1 Monitoring.
    • Mix Booth - 5, 8320APMs, 1, 7350A Subwoofer & GLM V2.0
  • Multi-Track recording.
  • AJA FS-2 for video/audio embedding.
  • 96 input/output cable patchbay.




ROSS Carbonite Black Plus Effects Switcher

  • 1080P/3G Level A SDI Switcher.
    • (FR, 24P, 29.97P, 30P, 50P, 59.94P & I)
  • 24 HD & 2K inputs, all frame synced.
    • 24 - 3G 59.94 inputs, 12 frame synced.
    • 2 - AJA FS-2's for an additional 4 pre-switcher frame synchronizers, up/down converter.
    • 6 total inputs at 4K 12G, no frame sync. (Quad 4K (12G) capable but not practical at this time.)
  • 10 outputs, all routable.
  • 2 M/E + 4 MiniMe's.
    • DVE
    • 8GB Memory still/clip storage.
    • 6 Computer to SDI converters/scalers. All routable.


Matrix Intercom / IFB

  • RTS Zeus 16 Channel digital intercom.
    • 8 - 16 channel programmable user stations.
      • Audio, AD, Producer, Director, TD, Video, Lighting, FOH.
    • 15 - RTS Two Channel Party-line Wired Beltpacks.
    • 4 channels IFB interrupt, located on user stations. (Capable of 8, only 4 wired)
    • Stage Announce, located on user stations.
    • RTS to Clearcom interface.
  • 1 - Clearcom FreeSpeek II - 6 Channel Digital Wireless Intercom System.
    • Network Antenna System 3 - allows stadium size coverage
  • 15 - FreeSpeek II Wireless Beltpacks.
    • 1 to 8 dedicated to camera department/operators. (Based on # of cameras used)
    • Camera Fiber transport does not include intercom.


Wireless Cameras via Teradek BOLT Pro 300

3G Wireless Camera Transmission. (2ea.)


10 Atomos Shogun Studio 4k/3G Video/Audio recorders

  • Raw to ProRes / DNxHR
  • Codecs
    • Apple ProRes HQ, 422, LT, AVID DNxHR HQX, HQ, SQ, LB
  • Frame Rates
    • 4K DCI, 4K UHD, 24/25/30B, 2K /1080P 24, 30,50,60,100,120. 1080i 60i.
  • Audio in/out 48K
  • SDI embedded Audio 12ch. 48kHz 24-bit
  • Timecode Embedded
  • Meta data tagging (10 tags available)
  • Media, 4K/HD SSD 2.5"


4K UHD/HDR OLED Monitoring throughout unit.

  • Production room is designed specifically to not utilize multi-view monitoring because of picture compression degradation. (although you may...)
  • Twin 4K LG 55" OLED HDR monitors are routed from the switcher program/preview output for the highest quality viewing. Color Standard Rec.709 HDTV
  • Video shading, color matching, and show lighting is also viewed on Sony broadcast 4K 17" OLED HDR monitors. Color Standard Rec.709 HDTV LUT Supported


Video Router 40in x 40out

  • 3G 59.94P SDI level A & B compatible.
  • 4 remote panels including FOH operations.
  • 72 input/output cable patchbay.


Cinema Lens Available


  • Fujinon 4K Cabrio XK 20-120 PL Mount, T3.5 Servo. (At Full Sensor) Best for wide to medium shots 40' and under. Good compliment to Cabrio 85mm to 300mm. (Perfect Jib lens.)
  • Fujinon 4K Cabrio 14mm - 35mm PL, T 3.5 Servo (AFS) Best wide lens for Steady Cam/Jib. Short Zoom.
  • Fujinon 4K Cabrio 25mm-300mm PL , T 3.5 Servo. (AFS) Best for full range zoom, wide to 40' tight.
  • Fujinon 4K Cabrio 85mm-300mm PL, T 3.5 Servo. (AFS) Best for tight shots, under 40'. Short zoom.
  • Canon 4K CN-E 18mm - 80mm EF, T4.4 Servo. ( AFS) Best & only all-around lightweight lens. Perfect for HH Operation.
  • Canon 50mm x1000mm EF, T5 - 8.9 Servo. (AFS) Needed for tight shots 40' to 150'. Best around 100'.
  • ARRI B4 to PL mount adapter is required for Fujinon and Canon 4K sports box lens.


  • Xeen 16mm T2.6 (PL Mount)
  • Xeen 24mm T1.5 (PL)
  • Xeen 35mm T1.5 (PL)
  • Xeen 50mm T1.5 (PL)
  • Xeen 85mm T1.5 (PL)
  • Xeen 135mm T1.5 (PL)



Pan Heads & Peds Available

  • 5 - Studio Air Peds
  • 1 - Vinten Vector 70 Panhead
  • 1 - Sachtler Dutch Roll Head
  • 2 - Sachtler Cine 100 Panhead Mitchell Mount
  • 2 - Sachtler Cine 75 Panheads 100mm Ball Mount
  • 4 - Sachtler Video 20II Panheads 50mm Ball Mount






Fremont Studios, Panasonic Varicam Cinema Camera Mobile Unit is based in Seattle, is available for studio, theatre and concert style entertainment production throughout the US and Canada. The Unit is packaged with the top national and international crews from both film and television.


Designer/Builder Fremont Studios