When providing custom content to be projected, please deliver the following specs:




Individual still images should be delivered in 1920x1080 as JPEG, RGB color profile.


Video files should also be delivered in 1920X1080 as QuickTime (.mov). H.264 codec.


All special single LED screens and entrance doors are the same 1920x1080 JPEG


All PowerPoint presentations should be delivered in a 16:9 aspect ratio (not 4:3). No embedded effects.



This is a CUSTOM sized panoramic image only available here at Fremont Studios. The SINGLE FILE dimensions needed for this is a image design of 4080 x 768.


VIDEO image files need to be delivered as Quicktime (.mov) H.264 codec.

STILL images files as JPEG - RGB color profile.


Please note again, our Image Server takes your single 4080 x 768 image file and divides it into thirds for projection via three synchronized edged together 5K projectors. DO NOT PROVIDE THREE INDIVIDUAL FILES to make one large image.


The background image photo of the Cyc wall on this page is one 4080 x 768 projected file designed as six photos.




Call for size info.




If you have any other questions or would like a Photoshop template for the Cyc projection, please contact Matt Kane at mkane@fremontstudios.com