Soundstage B can be used separately or with Soundstage A during events. This room has a single wall Green Screen, (or any color you want), Cyclorama for photographic filming. During events the Cyc. is hidden behind black drapery on tracks. All additional walls and ceiling are black drapery and K13 acoustical treatment covered.



- Approximately 65' x 85' - 5500 Sq. Ft. with a 24' Ceiling & Rigging points.

- Floor is painted concrete gray. It may be painted any color (all or in areas) but must be returned to gray on departure.

- Cyclorama is approximately 40' Wide x 40' Deep Floor Area x 18' High.

- Occupancy rating is 910 for events, open flame rated for photography.

- Power equipped with two 200 amp 3 phase 220 volt cam lock disconnect panels.

- Road Hog 3 controlled ETC dimmer 36 -2.5k / 6 6k.

- Sound System: Line Array Loudspeakers and Sub-woofers, Bata 3 R6/R12a 1500W

- Heavy water and gas supplied.

- Stage supports independent entrances and exits from main facility.

- On stage private wardrobe and restrooms.

- On Stage wireless Wi Fi 100mb up / 100mb down / 2 access points.

- For "non public low occupancy" commercial film/video production room starts at $1,200 per day plus stage manager.

- Third party lighting & grip equipment is allowed.

- Commercial Kitchen facilities are available for food shoots.

- Event pricing is based on overall facility usage and occupancy load.