This room has a single wall Green Screen, (or any color you want),  Cyclorama (Cyc) for filming. All additional walls and ceiling are black drapery and K13 acoustical treatment covered.





















  • Approximately 65' x 85' - 5500 SF with a 24' Ceiling with Steel Rigging points.
  • Third party lighting and grip equipment is allowed for filming per Fremont Studios approval.
  • Film lighting, grip and electric: Fremont Studios only supply's lighting equipment for on-stage productions as packages. Please supply a list of your requirements for a quote. (Mole Richardson 1k's to 20k's) ( LTM-HMI Joker, 1200, 2500, 6k,12k,18k)  (Chimera F2 10' x 20')  (Limited movie LED equipment.)
  • Truss Rigging is available throughout the room as needed.
  • Power supply is two 200 amp 3 phase 220 volt cam lock disconnect panels. Power distribution is placed as needed.
  • Heavy water supply, Natural Gas is available on set.
  • Commercial Kitchen facilities are available for food shoots.
  • Silent HVAC equipped. (Controlled by Stage A main system.)
  • Floor is painted no-chroma gray. It may be painted any color but must be returned to same gray on departure.
  • Cyclorama wall is generally painted green, approximately 40' Wide x 18' High. (Color change costs are labor & materials.)
  • Stage supports independent entrances and exits from main facility.
  • On stage private wardrobe and restrooms.
  • ETC dimmer 48 -2.5k/6k. Road Hog 3 controlled. (Grid & Floor Distributed)
  • Sound System: Line Array Loudspeakers and Sub-woofers, Bata 3 R6/R12a 1500W
  • 3 JLG sissors lifts are located on stages.
  • Portable staging platforms are available - 4x8 sections - 2' to 4' elevated.
  • On Stage wireless Wi Fi 500Mb up/down / 2 access points.
  • Pricing is based on overall facility usage and occupancy load.
  • Occupancy rating is 910, open flame rated.
  • For "non public low occupancy" film/video/still production, room starts at $1,200 per day plus stage/equipment manager. Also see event information page (Bottom) GENERAL PRICING.