The historic "Back Bone" of Fremont Studios is a 40+ year old, internationally recognized, Seattle based, studio services company derived from the two last names of the founders, both cinematographers, Scott Jonas and Michael Jensen, "Jonas Jensen Electronic Field Production Inc."


Jonas Jensen EFP was the first portable electronic, "Film Style", video camera company in the country. Starting in the late 70's, as a spin off of Northwest Mobile Television, aka National Mobile Television, the companies customer base was mostly National Networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC doing country wide location documentary specials and interview shows similar to and including Barbara Walters specials.


Jonas & Jensen's camera and lighting skill merged into Studio development for National Commercial and Motion Picture productions with the purchase, in 1984, of one of the first portable motion picture studio camera crane's built by Matthews Studio Equipment called the Tulip.


Then in 1989, with a continued success and association with Matthews Studio Equipment, Jonas Jensen added to the Tulip Crane a new accessory extension arm called Sky Mote and the first Academy Award winning remote camera head called Cam-Remote designed by Bob Nettmann. This lead to touring the country providing remote control movie camera operation for many feature films including "A River Runs Through it" "The Quick and The Dead" " Assassins" and Angeles in the Outfield" to name a few.


With Jonas Jensen remote film camera experience Jim Stanton designer and builder of the world famous "Jimmy Jib", as friends, utilized technical input from Scott & Mike to help develop what's now the current "Jimmy Jib" System.


1995.....More to come.....Northwest Soundstages and Hollywood Rental Company


1998.....More to come.....Progressive HD Mobile, (First Progressive HD Mobile Unit in the world.), designed and built for ABC Monday Night Football.


2005.....More to come.....Fremont Studios


Today, as of the division, and continued association of Jonas & Jensen's career direction's, became the formation of individual companies , "Fremont Studios" and "Jensen Jib's" of Seattle.