Stage A lighting control: Grand MA2 Full Size

Stage B lighting control: High End Systems Full Boar/Road Hog III


Stage A - 96 - 2.5k/6k Channel LMI Dimmer

Stage B - 48 - 2.5k/6k Channel LMI Dimmer



Both stages A & B are outfitted with overall "Show lighting".

  • Tungsten down light is 3200 K balanced.
    • 120 - Par Fixtures (combined total)
    • 70 Par 56 300w centered down on every dining table making every table, "food photo perfect".
  •  Soundstage B
    • 50 Par 64 500w lights are distributed evenly in rows.
      • 10ft centers (approximately), allowing specialized focusing as needed.


In addition both Soundstages have

overhead robotic LED color wash lights.

  • Stage A
    • 40 Spark 7 Zooms
  • Stage B
    • 30 Jr. Pro II (smaller version of Spark 7)






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