Audio System Specifications


Main Speaker System

3-way stereo line array system with subwoofers


(16) Electro-Voice XLD281 line array elements (8 per side)

(4) Beta TLB218 double 18" subwoofers (stacked 2 per side)

(2) Beta3 B218 subwoofers (flown, center)

(12) EV TG7 power amplifiers with RCM-26 DSP control modules

(2) Beta3 XA4.14 4-channel power amplifiers for subwoofers


Console and Processing

(1) Behringer X32 digital mixing console (firmware version 2.10)

(2) S16 digital stage boxes

Electro-Voice IRIS-net control software (DSP control for TG7 amplifiers)

(1) dbx Driverack 260 for subwoofer crossover and processing


Monitor System

(6) discrete monitor mixes. Monitors are mixed from the FOH console. Separate X32 monitor console available upon request.

(8) Electro-Voice TX1122FM passive 2-way floor monitors

(3) EV Q66 power amplifiers


Wireless Microphones

(6) Wireless Microphones Receivers (Sennheiser ew300 Series, G2)

Can be used with any combination of the following, for a total of 6 transmitters:


(4) handheld transmitters (3x 835 capsules, 1x 865 capsule)

(6) beltpank transmitters with the following mic options:


(4) Audio Technica AT898 cardioid lavalier microphones

(2) Sennheiser MKE2 omnidirectional lavalier microphones

(2) Sennheiser ME2 omnidirectional lavalier microphones

(2) Sennheiser HSP2 omnidirectional lavalier microphones


Podium Microphones


(2) Audio Technica AT857


Vocal Microphones

(3) Shure Beta87A

(2) Shure Beta87C

(4) Shure SM58

(1) Shure SM58s (w/switch)

(1) Shure Super%%

(3) Audix OM7

(3) Sennheiser e835

(2) Sennheiser e855


Instrument Microphones


(2) Neumann KM184

(2) AKG 451

(1) Sennheiser e914

(2) Stagg CM-5050

(5) Shure KSM27

(3) Rode NT1000

(1) Sennheiser MK4

(1) AKG D112

(1) EV RE20

(1) EV RE27

(5) Sennheiser e609

(1) Sennheiser e906


(3) Sennheiser e904


Direct Boxes


(2) Radial JDI Duplex 2-channel direct box

(2) Whirlwind EDB1 direct box