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Facility requires a staff stage manager during occupancy.

All overhead rigging is performed by fremont studios staff

unless approved by stage management.


Studio floor area is approximately 100' x 100' = 10,000 SF.

  • Painted concrete floor.
  • Performance stage.
    • Approximately 70ft wide X 40ft deep 42" high = 2,800 SF.
    • Wood floor.
      • Audience occupancy safety rating is technically 1,903


Lighting grid at 20' high.

  • 5' x 8' grid pattern.
  • Mostly powered.


Rigging grid at 24' high.

  • Approximately 650 lbs per point on a 20' spread.
  • Points are adjustable throughout stage.
  • Square steel tubing 2.5" x 2.5".


Cyclorama " Cyc"

  • One of the 10 largest in the country.
  • Two-wall 5' wood floor cove, 8' corner turn.
  • 100' x 55' x 20' high
  • 55' west wall is visually blocked with acoustical sound trap drapery and only usable for filming by special request and cost.
  • Cyc has 4 edge blended projectors on (south) large wall.

EPSON Pro large venue laser 1405u 8000/8000 projectors

  • Displaying cinema quality imagery.
  • In addition 16 (15 ch.) LED colorblinder 150w RGB units for DMX color-wash on all of Cyc.


  • Studio is also equipped with six 16 x 9 screens.
    • 5-14' x 8'.
    • 1-16'x9' for platform stage location.
    • Ideal for production playback and client, audience monitoring.


Movie lighting/grip/electric equipment


Please supply a general list of your requirements for a package quote.

  • Mole Richardson 1k's to 20k's.
  • LTM-HMI, Joker's 1200, 2500, 6k,12k,18k.
  • Chimera F2 10' x 20'.
  • Limited movie style LED equipment.
  • Stage has permanently installed/mounted,  focusable, 60-Par64 cans and 40 robotic LED zooms.



Third party sub-contracted lighting and grip equipment is allowed for media, "Film Style", production per Fremont Studios approval.

  • For smaller single day shoots we prefer you supply your own third party contractor.
  • In-door loading dock parking for diesel grip/electric trucks.
  • Maximum truck length 37ft.


  • All installed production lighting, sound, and projection equipment is not removable.
    • Adjustable if part of package.


  • Lighting/Show power 3,600 amps facility wide.
    • Stage A is supplied with four 200 amp 3 phase 220 volt cam lock disconnect panels.
    • 2,400 amps
      • Two on stage platform, stage left, two at FOH booth.
      • Additional 1400amp/466amps per leg, portable generator available on demand or for backup.


Grand MA2 full size controller


Soundstage fully HVAC controlled.

  • Completely silent for recording
  • Complete 360,000 cubic feet air exchange every 11 minutes.


Elevated performance platform stage

  • Approximately 60'w x 40'd x 42"h
    • 2400 SF.

Performance platform lighting

  • Fixed Steel pipe every 4', proscenium wide, at 18' high from platform floor .
  • Show trimming at approximately 16'


Performance platform rigging steel 20' high.

  • Approximately 650 lbs per point on a 20' spread.


Portable staging platforms available

  • 4x8 sections
  • 2' to 4' elevated.


Studios are flame rated.


Sound System: Electro Voice concert line array loudspeakers and sub-woofers.

  • A smaller grid mounted sound system is available for filming studio announce and playback.
  • If room layout requires main sound system refocusing Fremont Studios may decide to install a secondary system for the project to meet Fremont Studios and client's standards.



  • Bandwidth, dedicated private commercial fiber 1GB
  • 8 access points 15 facility wide.
  • More bandwidth available per request.
    • additional 23 private dark fiber lines available on site for longterm project install


Soundstage supports lobby seating and main theatre entrance doors.


Backstage support rooms include "General Village area"

  • 2 private production offices on second floor.
  • Wardrobe/makeup, and restrooms on main floor.


General pricing is based on overall facility usage and occupancy load.


Three JLG scissors lifts are located on stages.

  • Exclusive for fremont studio staff operations.
  • Subcontractors must supply there own.


Back Stage Support Area, "The Village"

Green Rooms, Loading Dock

(See floor plan diagram on Home page for layout.




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