Soundstage A


















































































On the Stage platform, there is a general white (3200K) wash both back and key (front) light. The back lights are 6-1k Fresnel's focused down mid-stage and down-front apron. The front key wash consists of 6-1K Fresnel's (all barn doored) focused mid-down stage and front apron. (Most of the tungsten stage lighting is currently being retired out to LED.)


There are 7-150w LED Ellipsoidals with 26 degree lens, front and back, down stage right, center, and stage left, hanging focused at 45 degrees.




Grand MA II Full Size



4 Units

Units are positioned down stage 25ft in house.

PR Lighting Solo 1200TM

1200W Philips MSR Moving Head



Color Temperture: 6000K


- 1 Wheel with 6 dichroic colors plus clear

- Bi-color effect with variable speeds

- Bidirectional rainbow effect variable speeds

- Stepper or linear color speed


Rotating Gobo Wheel

- 5 interchangeable bi-direction plus open

- Variable speed


Fixed Gogo Wheel

- 7 interchangeble plus open

- Gobo wheel scrolls with variable speeds

- Gobo diameter: 36.3mm

- Gobo Image diameter 31.5mm



- 1x2 facet, 1xwhite, 1x3 facet

- All indexable, bidirectional rotating variable


Filters: 1 CTO, 1 Frost

Dimming: 0 - 100% linearly

Shutter/Strobe: Dual blade for blackouts 0.3-6F.P.S.

Beam Angle: 16 - 22.6

DMX-512 18 channels


Code RP-2902

Unit Weight: 101.5 lbs





13 Units

10 units are on stage electric 3 & 4

PR Lighting Solo 575TM


Philips MSR 575W 2/discharge lamp



Color Temperature; 7200K


- 1 color wheel with 6 dichroic colors plus clear

- Rainbow effect with adjustable speed



- 5 interchangeable bi-direction plus open

- variable speed

-Gobo same as 1200


Prisms: Same as 1200


Beam 14-27 linear zoom

DMX-512 16 Channels


Code PR-2586

Weight 90 lbs




16 Units

on stage 4th electric and up-stage floor


Clay Paky Sharpy



189W discharge lamp (Platinum 5R)

Perfectly parallel, laser-like beam

Color wheel with 14 fixed colors (Interchangeable)

Gobo wheel with 17 fixed gobos (Interchangeable)

8 facet rotating prism




4 Units



Beam 5R 160W Phillips MSD



Power Consumption 315W


Colors: 1 color wheel with 9 colors + white, bi-directional rainbow effect



- 12 bi-directional, indexing, rotating gobos + open, gobo shake


Pan/Tilt: P 520 - T 260 (8-bit or 16 bit) Adjustable Speed



- 15 effect macros

- 3 facet & 8 facet prism

- Full Range Dimmer

- Duel strobe/shutter blades, synchronous & non, random strobe

- DMX-512 (12 or 14 channels)





40 Units

over studio/house floor on aprox.12ft centers



Spark 7 Zoom LED



LEDs: 7 x 15W RGBW (4 in 1)

MAX Power 115w

Beam Angle: Zoom 10 x 60 degrees

RGBW Color Mixing

Dimming 0-100%

Fast, Smooth, sad Silent Movement


RDM Functions


16 Bit

Weight 13.2 lbs

3200 Lumen, 6000 lux @ 25 m

DMX channels 15/24/14/16




24 Units

on Cyclorama Wall, used as a "Wash" end to end 150ft



Colorblinder 150TM





Power consumption: 150W

LEDs: 5 x 30W COB 3 -in - 1 RGB

DMX 512 (1/3/5/7/15 Ch.)





Up-Stage Back Drop



20' x 40' LED Curtain



- OS-9044 (RGBA LEDs)


- DMX 512 (4 Channel)


LED Size 5mm/tile







Swinger 8x10W RGBW Light Bar's


16 Units

Up-Stage Floor, Wash for Silver Scrim Back Drop in front of LED Curtain & Legs